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  • The Body Mirror System of Healing is a technique, a method, a set of tools which anyone can use. These tools allow you to explore the relationship between your body, your consciousness, and your life, and to study the inner attitudes which have been shown to encourage the healing process. The techniques are so simple that even children have been taught to use them. There are no secret symbols, and nothing to join. The Body Mirror System is based on the idea that the parts of your body that do not work well reflect the parts of your life that do not work well, and about which there is tension in your consciousness. Tension is stress, and stress causes symptoms.  If you wish to release a symptom, it is important to release the stress that created the symptom, by bringing to harmony the parts of your life that have not been working well. The Body Mirror System can provide the means of  identifying the specific tensions creating the particular symptoms, as well as the tools intended to release these symptoms. When this is done, resolving the tensions in your consciousness about what was not working well in your life allows you to release the inner cause of the symptoms. It is then possible for your body and your consciousness to return to their natural state of balance, and for you to return to the way of being that works best for you. No physical  manipulation is involved in the use of our techniques. Only a light touch, if any, when  it does not conflict with someone's philosophies or sensitivities.
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